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How to Change Home Page SUPPORT

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Change my Home Page support

There are many ways you may lose your home page. The most frustrating is to have your browser homepage hijacked by a hijacking program like Conduit, Trovi, Tuvaro etc.

How do these hijackers come to your system? How do they reset your home page? Why can’t you just set your homepage back manually to your favorite homepage (Yahoo, MSM or Google)?

Well, the answer lies largely on your surfing habits and downloads you have done in recent past. Many freebee software often trap you to download hijacker software with/ without your approval. The business model of these software is to expose you with “unwanted ads” and “promotional material”. Your home page is often changed to the directed home page by these software. Since, the program is installed in your computer and often resides in the boot sector or/ and registry, it is very difficult to remove them. Even if you change your home page back to your desired homepage manually, the malicious program resets the home page to infected home page.

Then, how to change home page back to my favorite homepage (Yahoo, MSN, Google etc)

I am afraid; there is no easy way to change the home page with the infecting malicious program still on your computer. Every time you change the home page manually, the program will reset the home page. The best solution is removing this malicious program and its traces permanently from your computer. Also, once the program (Conduit, Trovi, Tuvaro etc.) and its traces are removed from boot sector, folders, startup programs, system registry etc., it is highly recommended to install and scan your computer with a good antivirus like Norton, MacAfee etc.

No matter which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome) no matter how badly is your homepage affected; our technical experts will change your homepage screen to your favorite..

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Expect following services:
  • Change my homepage services
  • Identify/ Remove software that has changed the homepage (from Yahoo, MSN or Google home page )
  • Get rid of additional toolbars from your computer
  • Clean up and optimize your browser homepage for best performance
  • Change security setting of your browser for future security
  • Delete cookies and unwanted temporary files from Brower
  • Restore your browser for safe browser settings
  • Advise for accidental installation software that can change your homepage again.