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I lost my YAHOO homepage. My computer looked as if it never belonged to me... until my homepage was restored - Garry

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Make YAHOO my homepage support.

Is your browser homepage not the same as it used to be? Is your browser homepage been taken over by another website (ASK, Conduit, any other search etc.)? Are you frustrated by a different homepage (other than Yahoo home page) bugging you every time you open your browser to search/ surf internet? Do you want to make your YAHOO home page to its original status (Yahoo home page)? If yes, the solution is just a call away...

Many a times, without our consent your browser is Hijacked when you install different software. This often happens when you have downloaded free software (like games and other utility base software). Your web browser is kind of “Hijacked” by these unwanted applications. They software (often search programs) becomes the opening screen (homepage) of your browser and are very frustrating to deal with. Not only they occupy a large screen space, but also make the web browser very slow.

You can make your YAHOO home page to the original form (Yahoo home page screen) permanently . Our technical experts will remove/ uninstall/delete the unwanted homepage/ search Engines permanently from your computer/ browser and make it to YAHOO homepage and Yahoo Search Engine. We will set your original homage as you desire (Yahoo home page) and will optimize your computer/browser settings to make sure that you have a clean and safe browser to surf Internet. Your YAHOO homepage will look pretty much the same as it was when you bought the computer.

No matter which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome) no matter how badly is your homepage affected; our technical experts will make your homepage screen to YAHOO.

Don't wait, call us @ 1-844-299-0055 to avail "make Yahoo my only home page" services.

Expect following services:
  • Make Yahoo my homepage services
  • Identify/ Remove software that has changed the homepage and search engine (from Yahoo home page and Yahoo Search Engine)
  • Get rid of additional toolbars from your computer
  • Make your browser YAHOO home page to its original status
  • Clean up and optimize your browser homepage for best performance
  • Change security setting of your browser for future security
  • Delete cookies and unwanted temporary files from Brower
  • Restore your browser for safe browser settings
  • Advise for accidental installation software that can change your homepage again.